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Lost Contacts

Posted on 2011.05.24 at 22:14
Funny thing when you don't back up your contact information and get a replacement phone, you lose it all.

So I need numbers, e-mails, anything and everything you want to give me to get in contact. So that eventually once I know where I'm moving I'll be able to stay in touch and get you the new address as well as call and talk, text and generally hopefully keep in touch with someone.

Also I debating about another proper entry at some point, but with it being the final week things are rather hectic and honestly it would be purly venting about the latest albatross hung around my neck if I were to write it now. So hopefully when I do get around to writing one it will be about the new place and maybe with pics or something.

No worries, I'm screening comments so no one else will be able to see info shared. Also . . . I'm trying to be better about it so Birthdays would be wonderful too. . . along with any other special dates, occasions or notes I should know that I have somehow seem to have forgotten in my absence mindedness lately.

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