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Kio | cheers

Welcome to the whispers of a kingfisher.

Posted [sticky post] on 2013.04.13 at 15:20

A Brief Message

I can't really say what all will be brought up in this journal because, well live doesn't have a way of telling you everything that is going to happen or occur. I do know that it will contain thoughts on the education system and the current state of teachers, students and classrooms. It will likely touch on movies, games, books, and manga that I read as well.

Of course there will occasionally be poetry, probably really bad poetry but poetry none the less. Most likely there will be some mention of religion and metaphysics, as well as physics and science. I happen to have interests that pull me in two directions and can be a bit eclectic in my viewpoints and topics. So please approach me and this journal with an open mind.

Oh and please forgive the numerous typos and grammatical errors that will crop up as well. I know that it is a weak point of mine, but I don't really proof any of this before I post it as I would a lab report or essay.

With that in mind, please regard me kindling and welcome.

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