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Kio | cheers

Let Go

Posted on 2012.04.07 at 22:51
Let Go
a lesson too late

Wishes are something that I once had
when I was a child long ago,
but in reality I know
that dreams all too often go bad.

It's not wrong to hold on to hope
or to reach for a better life,
but when those things fill you with strife
it's best to let go of the rope.

See the world for all that it holds
not just the things for which you pray,
take in the chaos and dismay
so not to get lost in their folds.

Often this lesson comes too late,
after we are promised the world
and those endless dreams are unfurled
with the truth lying in wait.

We are not entitled by birth,
we are not promised tomorrow,
we will all discover sorrow
and be made aware our true worth.

Call me cynical if you must,
a realist, a pessimist; all
of those words so many appall
also, for me, hold little trust.

Some days I can't but help to smile
while others find me lost in tears,
I'm filled by both pride and its fears,
my emotions are versatile.

I can't see the world just one way,
I see the world always changing
so there's no point arranging
delusions of another day.

I can only pray you'll listen,
least you fall prey to your dreams,
the world is not quite as it seems
the waters don't always glisten.

Sometimes the skies are clear and blue,
and yet at times they burn bright red,
turn black, white or gray; as if dead.
That's the view that dreams often skew.

So while I say hold on to hope,
a wish is not something to grasp
but rather becomes cold and rasp;
so why not let go of the rope.

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